The Two Biggest (Surprising!) Keys to Middle-Aged Fat Loss or How I Kicked my Worst-Ever Cravings to the Curb

width="450" I think the two primary keys to turning the lock that releases stubborn fat – especially in middle age – are being calm and grounded, and dietary fiber 🙂
SO not-sexy, I know! But damn, when you bring them front and center in your life they can be profoundly effective tools. Employed together, they will not only help you to lose extra fat, but they can also help you reduce systemic inflammation, control hunger and cravings, improve your overall digestion and just plain feel better, more energetic.

Full disclosure: This summer has been the hardest time of my entire life for food cravings, especially sweet, but even unheard of cravings for fried stuff -! Which I don’t even particularly like! I was literally waking up thinking about soft serve ice cream and fried clam rolls. Actually. When I started dreaming about candy and chips at night, I knew something was seriously off in my system.

At first I just tried my regular approaches, gentle green cleansing, adding more protein, etc – but I only got to about day 2 before I was eating something I really didn’t want to be eating. One morning I woke up after climbing this endless staircase with donuts embedded in every stair face (I am NOT kidding – that was my dream!) and I thought, geez, is it possible I’m pregnant here or what?!

Then it finally clicked, not pregnant no, (thank the gods -!), but hormonal, yes!!
My female hormonal situation is maybe a little atypical in that I’m 51 years old but still get periods every 28 days like clockwork. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s relevant here. Most of my female peers, friends and clients, have hit menopause or are very close by my age. (I thought I was getting close a couple of years ago but discovered that eating wheat was giving me night sweats, not “the change”, lol.)

So this is my first real hormonal perimenopausal “hit”: out of control cravings. Awesome.
But, as usual with stuff like this, it really did turn out to be awesome. I was already working on my easeful, stress finesse approach for my newest program Unbound: Calming Stress at Your Core for Gentle, Effortless Weight Loss – and my own issues forced me to go back to the drawing board for cravings management. What I unlocked has been a blessed relief for me and I can’t wait to share it with you in my new Unbound program.

The 4 week program is a powerful blend of techniques for calming and grounding body and mind, with a gentler, more soothing approach to shifting entrenched, problematic eating habits. Stress management is kind of a misnomer in that trying to “manage stress” usually just makes it worse. This is partly why calming down can be so effective at helping you slip right around weight loss blocks. The hormones produced by stressing a lot about anything, including weight loss, can deeply sabotage your ability to release fat for burning.

Along those lines, most of the class is directly experiential, learning hacks and simple techniques for working with energetic grounding, flow, fire and opening. I call it “state shifting” and will be blogging more about the techniques in the future.

The other powerful key to calming a freaked-out system is slowly but significantly increasing fiber, especially soluble, especially in cooked vegetables, in your diet. What I’ve discovered through my trial and errors this summer is a perfectly balancing way to eat for improved digestive function, increased micronutrients, increased energy and gradual, effortless fat loss. It’s based around “souping” – using mostly vegan, high-protein-and-fiber, low-sugar cooked and raw blends and stews – including gently sweet ones for post-workout and mid-afternoon, and soothing broth and herbal “teas”.

I’ve been able to incorporate my kitchen power-strategies for blending raw foods, creating complex, amazing flavors easily and incorporating superfoods, including all the high-nutrient-density veggies, but also some extra-potent stuff like medicinal mushrooms and high quality cacao.

After eating this way for a few weeks, I started feeling much more like myself, thankfully. But an improved model. My skin is looking younger now and my energy is a lot more stable. I feel good after I eat, as opposed to “unfinished” or triggered to keep grazing. I’m still in the throes of the dreaded perimenopause, but I’m feeling grounded, relaxed and happy to be in my own skin.

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