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The Sweet Freedom Edge

If you’re feeling rundown, if your weight has been creeping up or you feel taken over by sugar cravings you can’t seem to control, this meal plan can help. And you’re not alone! Nearly two thirds of the American population is dealing with some form of sugar imbalance. To stabilize an imbalance, you need to systematically wean yourself off of sugar and sweet foods for a period of time.

This program is designed for ultimate ease, to help your system gently and efficiently detox from the effects (and the pull!) of sugar in just 30 days:

  • The menus are designed for 1 person, so you can run it anytime, anywhere, and not have to change the way anyone else in your household is eating.
  • Nearly every meal and snack takes only minutes to prepare. Animal proteins are prepared batch-style, only about once per week. 98% of the ingredients can easily be found at a good grocery store and the last 2% at a natural foods store or online.
  • The bulk of your what you’ll be eating is vegetable-based, so shopping is simple, quick, and can be done once per week.
  • The meals and snacks taste terrific, because pleasure, the P-nutrient, is a key component of a working daily diet.
  • The program is not about deprivation, but about enlivening the foods you choose to eat. Though you will probably be consuming fewer calories than you are used to, what you are eating will likely be much more concentrated in essential nutrients than your regular meals. The result? You will feel more satisfied with less food.
  • The program’s lifestyle and dietary guidelines are simple, easy to implement and relaxed in nature. If you have a meal out or a special occasion, you will easily be able to enjoy clean food outside the actual menu plan.
  • Eating clean, non-sweet food high in micronutrients, balanced in macronutrients and low in reactive foods helps to reboot your system by stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels, reducing inflammation and soothing system stress.
  • Though you may experience some cleansing effects, this program is not an extreme “detox”, but a gentler all-system reboot.
Short-term “sugar detox”
programs often cause more harm
than good. The Reboots are a more
effective intervention.
Radical juice cleanses, for example, are
much too high in sugar and can actually
make it harder to achieve the blood sugar/
insulin balance that is crucial to long-term
weight loss and diabetes prevention.
Sweet Freedom uses
blended whole
foods versus juice
extracts to add
key nutrients.
The body needs adequate protein to
calm cravings, feel grounded and to help
transport toxins all the way out of the
system, versus just stirring them up to
create more discomfort.
Sweet Freedom provides
ample protein in every
meal and snack.


What You’ll Get with the Program:

  • A full meal plan including 28 days of daily menus with 3 meals and 1 snack.
  • Easy recipes for each meal and snack.
  • Convenient weekly shopping lists with all the ingredients you will need.
  • Supplemental materials including an at-a-glance mix and match chart for building quick, healthy Sweet Freedom meals when you’re not at home and effective strategies for working with cravings as you reboot.
  • Simple guidelines and instructions for following your Sweet Freedom program, including preparation suggestions for the first two days of the month.

bonusFor early purchasers of this program, you will have the option to sign up for 30 days of FREE support emails with bonus recipes and information delivered directly to your in box to help keep you motivated, inspired and on track throughout the program.

Typical Reboot Dishes

all-veg-pastacitrus cream chicken saladfood and creamy green bowlsalmon saladRed Lentil DahlHawaiian Pizza Planks1All-Veg SpaghettiPeanut Butter Smoothie

And the majority of meals and snacks can be prepared in 15 minutes or less!

See what this recent program participant had say about the program…

“I’ve been steadily losing weight on the Sweet Freedom program and am thrilled with my progress! I’ve been trying to give up wine for YEARS and your program has enabled me to do that quite effortlessly. I needed to hear this info! I will continue the program until I achieve all my goals and probably beyond. It’s been a godsend and I am so very grateful.”

-Jane Evenay

After a decade of experience creating simple, satisfying, clean meal plans and recipes for:

  • Leading international nutrition/fitness/health experts
  • An 8-year hospital-based weight loss program
  • 8 successful healthy eating cookbooks
  • and countless national articles and columns


The Clean Food Coach™ brings her expertise home to you with a personal meal plan that actually fits into your busy lifestyle.

You will be able to enjoy simple, delicious, clean meals and snacks that you can put together in less time, with less fuss for more energy and more vitality.

Sweet Freedom Reboot Meal Plan Details:


  • Artificial foods or ingredients
  • Artificial sweeteners or sugar
  • Gluten
  • Grain-flours or flour products
  • High glycemic load carbs / starches


  • Vegetables, both raw and gently cooked
  • Clean protein (including lighter animal foods and beans)
  • Fiber-rich ingredients

Just a Touch of This:

  • Dairy (when offered, there’s always a dairy-free substitute)
  • Whole grains (when offered, mostly “seed grains”, such as quinoa)

Good Balance of This:

  • Healthy fats, including oils, olives, nuts and seeds
  • Low-Glycemic-Load Fruits (week 1 only!)
  • Satisfying, not-too-sweet treats

Learn more about our Clean Food Principles HERE.

Our Reboot programs are endorsed by these nationally known nutrition and fitness experts:

“If you’ve been struggling to lose those last 10 pounds, improve your energy levels, address cravings and food allergies, and detoxify your body, I strongly suggest you give the Clean Food Reboot a shot. Jeannette offers a bounty of delicious options that will leave your tastebuds tingling and your belly full. Her plan is designed to give your body a gentle cleanse that will clean up your digestion and support your body with beautiful whole foods.”
-Esther Blum,MS,RD,CDN,CNS, Author of Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat

“Clean Food Central is my go-to hub for recipes and my #1 source to refer clients to for advice, tips and ideas on a healthy and sustainable nutritional plan. I am a big fan of CFC’s 28 day Reboot programs to kick start your health and fat loss journey or to break thorough plateaus. It provides delicious, nourishing foods and meals that are quick and easy to prepare. Highly Recommended for All.”
– Rachel Guy, Director Athletic Fox Pty Ltd.

“Jeannette’s Reboot system is a tantalizing collection of yummy, straightforward recipes and weekly meal plans put together with thought and care. She offers simple yet effective lifestyle tips to ease digestion, improve the look and feel of the body, and of course get on track with clean eating. I highly recommend the Reboots for those wanting to reconnect with their food and their health”
Jillian Teta, ND, author of “Natural Solutions for Digestive Health” and creator of Fix Your Digestion

“The 28-Day Reboot is a delicious, easy way to change your eating habits to reach your individual health and weight loss goals. The Reboot guidelines, shopping lists and recipes provide everything you need to jumpstart clean eating! The pictures are inspiring and the recipes are simple and tasty – anyone can make them, even those people who aren’t totally comfortable in the kitchen”
– Tracee Yablon Brenner RDN, CHHC
Founder of Real Food Moms and Co-host, Family Food Experts Talk Radio
W4WN.com Thursday at 1pm ET & i-Heart Radio


Regain control of your eating by calming your sugar cravings in Just One Month with the SWEET FREEDOM reboot…

Have you tried to eat less sugar before, only to find yourself sliding right back into your old habits? It’s not a lack of will power. It’s often not even a lack of knowledge. Many times it’s just a lack of organization.
Who has the time to plan out efficient, clean and tasty meals that work together for a month to virtually eliminate food waste?

The average American actually throws away about 20% of the food we buy. If you follow the Sweet Freedom meal plan, it will not only ease your chronic kitchen stress, it will cost you less than the food you would normally throw away!! How can you lose?

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You want to feel better in your own skin, lose some weight and/or improve your hair and skin tone.
  • You’ve been eating sugar or artificially sweetened foods and want to “kick the habit” but don’t where to start.
  • You don’t think you eat too badly but are interested in weaning completely off sugar to see how it affects you and are looking for solid support to help you.
  • You’ve been off sugar before, but it’s started to creep back into your diet and and you need a little motivation to jumpstart a “re-cleanse”.
  • You have an excellent daily diet but have been celebrating a holiday or special event and want to quickly jump back into eating sugar-free without any struggle.
  • You’ve looked at other meal plans out there for getting off sugar and there’s just too much cooking for your lifestyle.
  • You’ve tried a high-protein diet to kick the cravings, but are tired of trying to eat meat 4 times a day.
  • You want to increase your vegetable and fiber intake to optimal levels to help conquer cravings naturally.
  • You want to save time, energy and effort in the kitchen by having simple healthy meals and shopping lists all planned out for you to follow.
  • You’re tired of throwing away uneaten piles of fresh food every week and want to eat more efficiently.

This program may not be a good fit for you if:

  • You are looking for a strict eating system or diet. The Reboots are balanced and gentle, non-diet programs with an emphasis on fresh vegetables and clean proteins.
  • You’re not willing to try to let go of sugar and sweet foods for even a few weeks.
  • You are unable or unwilling to spend money on fresh foods each week.
  • You won’t eat vegetables.
  • You don’t have access to a kitchen.


What you’ll need to start the program:

    • A willingness to spend some time shopping, prepping food and following a preset meal plan.
    • Some basic kitchen equipment, including a good chef’s knife, a grater, a peeler and good blender.

That’s it!

“A back issue gave me the motivation for changing direction and your program provided the vehicle. I’ve lost 20 lbs, I’m sleeping better, have more energy, am thinking more clearly, and just feel better overall. Thanks for being there!”

Craig Hockenbrough


100-guaranteedALSO, know that you’re protected by my personal guarantee, so there’s no risk to you at all. I’m confident that when you purchase the Sweet Freedom program, you’re going to be delighted.

Just to back that up, I’ll give you my promise that if you follow the meal plan and don’t save any time or don’t feel or look any better when it’s over, then I will refund the full cost of your program. 100%.

That is how confident I am that you will love this program and get real results you can see and feel.

Sign up now for instant digital access to all the materials and to activate your FREE BONUS of support emails for every single day of your program! (The support emails will only be free for a short time, so don’t miss out!)

Remember that if you receive your materials, take the program, and aren’t happy with your results, you can send me an email with a copy of your paid receipt within 30 Days of purchase date and the reason you aren’t satisfied for a full refund.

There is absolutely no way that you can lose – except by not taking me up on my risk-free trial of the Sweet Freedom Reboot.


Once your credit card is approved, you will receive an email with a link to your program so you can download it and prepare to get started in just a few minutes!

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her physical situation, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any weight loss effort, there is no guarantee that you will lose weight.

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