Jeannette Bessinger The Clean Food Coach™

My Story

I’ve loved food forever, but my passion for eating clean wasn’t in the picture until it saved my life. Many years ago I suffered from an autoimmune disorder and gained a lot of weight after both of my pregnancies, eventually ending up with type 2 diabetes.

If I’d stayed on the path I was walking, I wouldn’t have made it to 50. Instead I began exploring holistic healing and managed to get into remission and stabilize my blood sugar levels without meds.

But my challenges weren’t over.

As my kids grew up, I started the balancing act of raising a healthy, happy family, running a busy household, and launching a career I love. Over time I struggled to juggle my work and my own self-care while keeping my family’s needs first.

boatingThe responsibilities continued to mount until my stress levels got so high that I couldn’t keep my health or my weight stable anymore. At my worst point I ballooned to nearly 200 pounds.

jeanetter-afterIf I wanted to keep living a rich, full life, I needed a more powerful set of strategies to manage my eating and get my body back. I studied the work of many cutting edge nutritionists and found my “ah ha” in the book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by science writer Gary Taubes.

His groundbreaking research turned everything I’d learned upside down and taught me to balance “conventional nutritional wisdom” with real life experience and a good dose of common sense.

My life changing discovery

I discovered the power of clean food – food that is intact, fresh, seasonal and grown in natural ways. Eating clean gave me back my health and enough energy to get my body strong and fit. But like everybody else, I had no time to cook it!

I was so sure clean food was a missing link for others too that I made it my mission to find every way possible to fit it into our contemporary lives. And now at Clean Food Central, a decade of my research, trial and error is available to you!

Today, with only clean foods and exercise – no meds, my weight has normalized, my blood sugar is that of a non-diabetic and I have more energy than I had in my 20’s. I do this eating like a queen without spending hours locked in the kitchen every day and I can help you do the same.

Take the first step and have a look at my soup-to-nuts resource center Clean Food Central

My Work Experience

As a clean food writer, speaker and award-winning educator, I’ve been privileged to work with thousands of people from many different backgrounds in everything from low income Head Start programs to schools, yoga centers, businesses, hospitals and health departments. I have witnessed our struggles to eat well from every angle you can imagine.

I’ve written or co-written 8 books on different aspects of healthy eating with over 100,000 copies in circulation around the world. I’ve designed menu plans and recipes for many doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists and strength trainers, including heavy hitters like Dr. Jonny Bowden, Charles Poliquin of the International Poliquin Strength Institute and naturopath Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta of Metabolic Effect.

My recipes and clean food perspectives have been showcased in over 100 media outlets, including Consumer Reports, Clean Eating, Dr. Oz Online, Self, Shape, Better Nutrition, Parenting, Better Homes and Gardens, Redbook, Martha Stewart Living, NPR and NBC News.

My Formal Training

I spent the first half of my life studying holistic and eastern healing arts, including American herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. I’ve spent the last twelve years working and training with many of the biggest experts in the nutrition and cooking fields from many different backgrounds.

I have a B.A. from Columbia College, Columbia University (writing/teaching) and multiple food certifications from among the world’s most cutting edge trainers and institutions for nutrition and gourmet cuisine, including:

  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (Health Coach Board Certification)
  • Poliquin Strength Institute (Biosignature Certification – elite performance nutrition and supplementation)
  • Marc David of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating (Certification in the Psychology of Eating and Soul-Based Nutrition)
  • Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy (Raw Food Chef Certification)

I love to synthesize the best tips, techniques and recipe concepts from both the ancient natural and modern scientific worlds for practical, everyday use.

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Jeannette has truly changed my nutritional wellbeing, as well as that of my family. I have been attending her various classes for many years now. She is the one person that helped me really understand that a healthy and whole foods lifestyle makes me feel the best that I can be. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a whole foods overhaul in my life, she helped me take the baby steps necessary make the changes that transformed the way my whole family eats. Clean eating is our norm now.

Eileen Tiexiera, OB Nurse

The wisdom Jeannette shared in our group and the way the group amplifies the message is an incredible synergy that is a testament to Jeannette's knowledge and her talent for facilitation. And when people ask me what I did and what diet I'm on, I love to say "I'm just eating real food." Jeannette is a master at simplifying and helping to incorporate these changes gently, but make no mistake...this is big!

Annie Becker, Realtor

In my continuing work with Jeannette, I am astounded over and over again at her knowledge and insight. For me, her work is like bringing yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices into the realm of food and eating. It makes possible true transformation and deep healing.

Kim Chandler, yoga studio owner