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Jeannette is my food guru…My weight is down 20 pounds, my energy is high, and my skin is smooth and clear. Even my moods have stabilized. I use her recipes as a basis for my menus every week. Her flair with herbs and spices has greatly improved the taste of my healthier meals.”

Leslie Lindeman, Marketing Consultant

If you’re here I know you want to make a commitment to your personal health and fitness. You refuse to be one of those terrible statistics. You want a lot out of life and understand the power of staying vibrant and energetic, of feeling young, even as your body grows older.

You’re a believer in the power of eating clean.

That doesn’t make it easy though. Your days are very full. You carry a lot of responsibilities and that means you have to really juggle to keep all the different balls in the air. Maybe you even have kids, which makes life even busier, and their health and wellbeing is as important to you as your own.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

It takes time to cook the high quality, real foods you and your family need to live the life you want. It takes some skill and kitchen know-how to make whole foods taste good and to stay in sync with the seasons.

There’s no vacation from the relentless shopping, cooking and cleaning up it takes to eat well day in and day out.

If you manage to do it for awhile, chances are you’ve gotten pretty bored with the family “standards”. How many times can you really eat baked chicken?
You know there are hundreds of different fruits and veggies, but you only feel comfortable making the same 10 in the same ways, over and over.

You might scream if you see steamed broccoli on your plate one more time….

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to spend hours every day planning and cooking the clean food you want to eat. You had a resource you could trust for time-saving tips and recipes that would optimize the health of you and your family. You could stay consistent with your healthy eating practices, and feel like eating well was an integrated, easier part of your lifestyle.

What if you knew a few key tricks to make simply prepared real foods taste amazing? What if the whole rainbow of fruits and veggies out there suddenly opened up as a possibility for your plate? You could enjoy a much broader tastier menu every day, making it easier to stay away from those tempting convenience foods. You could effortlessly eat with the seasons, building natural variety into your daily meals and snacks.

Clean Food Central can help you get there

It can help you eat the foods you need every day in a whole new way. We can’t go back to eating the way our grandparents did. There just isn’t enough time in our days. Cookbooks offer some help, but they have a lot of recipes that don’t fit your way of eating, and you need to sift through a bunch of them to get a good variety. Cooking shows and online videos can teach you specific techniques, but who has the time to sit through those when you need something right away?

Clean Food Central offers something totally new. It’s a one-stop resource to help you consistently plan, purchase and prepare tasty, easy, healthy meals day in and day out in less time.

What’s Inside:

  • Hundreds of recipes and meal ideas that are designed with fitness-conscious adults in mind, so you no longer have to spend time trolling cookbooks or different online resources for meal ideas.
  • The recipes are categorized very simply as entrees or mini-meals (snacks) so most of them can be used interchangeably for every meal of the day for maximum convenience.
  • All recipes are tagged for major ingredients so if you need help prepping something specific in your fridge you will find many different options at your fingertips.
  • Seasonal, soup-to-nuts, month-long meal plans with everything set up for you in a beautiful document with recipes, photos and shopping lists
  • Cheat Sheets of the most vital, time-saving kitchen tips in today’s busy world to show you instantly how to get the biggest bang for your buck – things like:
    • —”The Batch Freezing Technique” you should use once a week to give you a steady store of delicious frozen meals for those nights when you just can’t cook at all
    • —”Cook Once Eat Twice” strategies for instantly cutting the number of nights you need to start from scratch in half
    • — Shopping List templates by macronutrient to make sure you’re getting your body’s needs met with less fuss
    • — The Natural Portion Guide to instantly be able to gauge portion sizes for everyone in the family
    • —”Safe Sweet Treats” for sweet ideas that won’t trigger wild cravings and throw you off your game
    • — And many more…
  • Ultra-quick 1 and 2 minute demo videos of the very best time-saving prep techniques and ways to use clean food ingredients you may not be familiar with yet, such as grain-free noodle options, miracle veggies like jicama, and the so-called superfoods that make your meals and snacks, tastier, easier and nutritionally punchier.
  • Clean Food equipment breakdown to demystify the best tools and equipment for preparing clean cuisine – what they are, where to find them, how to use them and some great starter recipes to start putting them to good use right out of the box.

Unlike cookbooks or videos, Clean Food Central is not a static product. It’s constantly growing and evolving, always incorporating new recipes and the most innovative prep techniques to continue to provide variety and meet your changing needs over time.

Maybe the best part of Clean Food Central, though, is the incredible cost – to- value ratio…

There are two ways to join Clean Food Central. Check it out for yourself here.

Jeannette makes eating healthier so much easier with her bag of tips and tricks. Her useful suggestions range from shopping sources for the best ingredients, to storage methods for longevity, to quick preparation ideas.”

L. Miranda