Ten Ways to Use Those Fresh-Picked Apples

Fall is here and with it comes the once-a-year opportunity to pluck fresh, sweet apples of all kinds right from the trees. Outside in the apple orchard the air is crisp and the sweet tangy scent of fresh fruit is all around. If your family is anything like mine, you’ll find it easy to get […]

Coffee-Free Power Lattes for the Cold Seasons

So the weather’s just starting to cool off and, in my neighborhood anyway, the sniffles have already begun. The fall/winter seasonal transitions can bring on allergy issues, colds and pesky new bugs. Though I’m not a coffee drinker, I love the ritual of a hot am cuppa when the weather is chilly. And we have […]

Grab-n-Go Meal Salad in a Jar

With a very modest investment in a few simple pieces of equipment, you can create a complete kit for making tasty, easy, high quality meals to go for your whole family: salad-in-a-jar. Spending less than an hour of prep time on Sunday will yield multiple delicious salads that can head out the door for lunches […]

Don’t Waste Those Independence Day Leftovers!

All across the country on July 4th thousands and thousands of grills will be fired up for celebration cookouts. It’s hard to plan food amounts perfectly, especially when you’re hosting a crowd. If you follow good food safety practices, though, (like refrigerating cooked foods, especially meats, soon after cooking, and not leaving anything out in […]

Quick Ways to Eat Healthy at Home

Pilates Style Article Apr 15 Check out my dear friend Dr. Jonny Bowden’s newest article in Pilates Style Magazine. He interviews a couple of us quick-real-foodies for some great tips on fast meal preparation you can do over the long haul. It’s an easy read, loaded with concrete things to try to increase the speed […]

Pumpkin Love

Halloween is just around the corner and the pumpkins are rich, heavy, and ripe for the pickin’.  Pumpkins are one of my favorite fruits (yes, they are technically a fruit), but they taste and cook up like a dense winter veg. They can be intimidating to cook from scratch, but with a few tricks up […]

A Day in the Life of a Clean Eater: “Simply Clean” Menu

Nearly every time I speak at an event someone in the audience asks me what I ate that day. I think they’re expecting me to say something exotic like cricket loaf. The “mystique” surrounding clean eating is total illusion. Eating clean just means eating the kinds of real, whole, seasonal foods that make you feel […]

Edamame Black Bean Hummus

I have a love affair with hummus of all kinds. Good hummus is flavorful, filling and easy to make from scratch. I aim to get as much fiber and protein for the least number of calories possible in my hummus recipes so they can work as solid mini-meals (snacks) throughout the day. I usually skip […]

Anytime Thanksgiving Turkey and Fresh Cranberry Sauce

I really love roast turkey, but there’s no denying that it’s a big honkin’ bird and requires a big honkin’ effort to prepare. Especially if you buy free-range, and I hope you do, because you have to brine that sucker for days in a big honkin’ bucket that barely fits in the fridge. So when […]

Some Great Breakfast Ideas, featuring Orgasmic Oatmeal

Ok, before I get a lot of flak for featuring a totally decadent, carb-rich, spiced chocolate breakfast-cum-dessert, let me sweetly point you to a solid list of my breakfast ideas that are clean, healthy, low-carb, paleo, take less than 5 minutes to prepare (!) AND they aren’t smoothies 🙂 Check them out on Lifestyle by […]