Don’t Get Hooked: It’s All Just Dirty Dishes

I’ve been practicing a delicious form of relaxing meditation called yoga nidra for many years now. I deepened my experience of it with different trainings and retreats, and today it’s one of my favorite things to teach. I began the practice at a time when there was a lot of external turmoil in my life. […]

Everything Helps a Little, Nothing Helps a Lot

Recently I realized that I’ve had an awful lot of conversations looking into the brimming eyes of someone I care about while my own were brimming, too. I’m in the midst of one of those times when several people in my inner circle are struggling. Their challenges are varied, but all of them are dealing […]

Saying Goodbye to Sugar (or gluten, or potato chips or basically anything yummy you never want to stop eating)

At some point in your quest for improving your health or your weight it’s inevitable that you’ll need to make some dietary changes to meet your goal(s). The first step can be challenging: You need to identify the specific nutritional modifications that will get you the farthest the fastest. This is where coaching and programs […]

Confessions of a Social Media Flunky

Social media is funny. It lives totally in the “now”. And so does everyone on it. As you may have noticed, or maybe you didn’t, I went off-line for a few months. Ok, it was almost 6 months. Within a surprisingly short time it was like I ceased to exist. Which I guess in a […]

Mental Spring Cleaning: Ten Tips

No, I don’t mean spend an hour or so daydreaming about a cleaning squad dressed in whites scrubbing everything to lemon freshness, lol. Though that does sound seriously amazing to me right now…. No, I’m talking about your mind, about clearing the dusty rusty stuff that clogs up clean thinking. Spring is a natural time […]

Choosing Joy, in Spite of the Holidays

I’m pretty well fed up with holiday articles at this point, how about you? I apologize for adding to the 989,987,345 Christmas blogs already out there. (Is internet space infinite, by the way, like outer space…?) But I feel compelled to write because I had a personal holiday breakthrough this morning. If you’re feeling fed […]

Why It’s Hard to Eat Clean. But not as hard as cancer.

When did eating get so complicated? Food is supposed to be the fuel that drives a juicy and delicious life. But these days choosing and prepping healthy food takes so much time and effort that it can distract us from life’s true banquet – everything that happens between the meals! When I was growing up, […]

Procrastination, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Other Ways We Don’t Say “Yes” to Life…

Phillip Seymour Hoffman killed himself this week. I know it was an accident, but that’s what happened. So much stuff has been written about the how’s and why’s of such a talented and successful man dying with a needle in his arm. For me, it’s one more portrait of addiction. Hoffman was my favorite actor. […]

On Taking Smaller Bites and Dealing with the Bear in Front of You

I’ve been working with the practice of eating only when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m just-satisfied. It’s funny that this is a “practice”, right? It’s what every single wild thing does automatically. It’s as normal and ingrained as breathing for the entire natural world, and yet for me it’s so unnatural that I have […]

Forget the Fast Track to Fat Loss – Join Me on Reality Road

Speaking as a reformed diet junky, I can honestly say I totally get it if you get sucked in by those super-fast weight loss programs…. 28 Days to Tame Those Thunder Thighs! Fight Flab Fast! Banish Your Belly in Fourteen Days Flat! Yes!!! They don’t actually work, of course. You know it. I know it. […]