Mental Spring Cleaning: Ten Tips

No, I don’t mean spend an hour or so daydreaming about a cleaning squad dressed in whites scrubbing everything to lemon freshness, lol. Though that does sound seriously amazing to me right now…. No, I’m talking about your mind, about clearing the dusty rusty stuff that clogs up clean thinking. Spring is a natural time […]

Grab-n-Go Meal Salad in a Jar

With a very modest investment in a few simple pieces of equipment, you can create a complete kit for making tasty, easy, high quality meals to go for your whole family: salad-in-a-jar. Spending less than an hour of prep time on Sunday will yield multiple delicious salads that can head out the door for lunches […]

Sweet Freedom

We’re just about to launch our newest program, Sweet Freedom. The meat of the program is an easy-to-follow meal plan, complete with menus, recipes and shopping lists, to help your body, mind and spirit recalibrate itself to its natural, more balanced state. We do this by gradually reducing high-sweet-impact foods until your taste buds, appetite, […]

Proud to Make IPE’s Top 100 Heath Blogs of 2015!

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Mark David is one of the most beloved and valuable coaches and teachers I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. I’ve watched the school develop into a major force in the ever-shifting world of food and […]

Don’t Waste Those Independence Day Leftovers!

All across the country on July 4th thousands and thousands of grills will be fired up for celebration cookouts. It’s hard to plan food amounts perfectly, especially when you’re hosting a crowd. If you follow good food safety practices, though, (like refrigerating cooked foods, especially meats, soon after cooking, and not leaving anything out in […]

A Few Simple Ways to Avoid GMO’s in Your Diet

GMO’s, or genetically modified organisms, are plants and animals whose DNA has been genetically engineered to merge with the DNA of other species, including viruses and bacteria. Though GMO crops are rampant in the US food supply, the long-term safety of consuming these foods has not been satisfactorily established. If you are committed to eating […]

5 Reasons Sugar is Not Your Friend

1. It makes you fat. For most people, the more you eat, the more you want. People who eat lots of sugars in any form (or things that turn into sugars very quickly in your body, such as refined carbohydrates like crackers, bread, potato chips or macaroni) eventually end up dealing with constant cravings for […]

Eat Like an Animal to Get Your Spring Fever On

A healthy animal’s body will naturally harmonize with the rhythms of the seasons. In winter the days become shorter, colder and drier and we mammals tend to get a little colder and drier too. In response, our bodies support us through these seasonal challenges by slowing our metabolism, putting on a little extra fat to […]

Quick Ways to Eat Healthy at Home

Pilates Style Article Apr 15 Check out my dear friend Dr. Jonny Bowden’s newest article in Pilates Style Magazine. He interviews a couple of us quick-real-foodies for some great tips on fast meal preparation you can do over the long haul. It’s an easy read, loaded with concrete things to try to increase the speed […]

Choosing Joy, in Spite of the Holidays

I’m pretty well fed up with holiday articles at this point, how about you? I apologize for adding to the 989,987,345 Christmas blogs already out there. (Is internet space infinite, by the way, like outer space…?) But I feel compelled to write because I had a personal holiday breakthrough this morning. If you’re feeling fed […]