Using the Whole Elephant to Lose Weight

Right now almost one third of the world’s population is overweight – around 2.2 billion people. Of those, close to 750 million are obese*. Of course, all the “lifestyle” diseases that tend to follow weight gain are also on the rise – diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc. One of the most fascinating things about this […]

Ten Ways to Use Those Fresh-Picked Apples

Fall is here and with it comes the once-a-year opportunity to pluck fresh, sweet apples of all kinds right from the trees. Outside in the apple orchard the air is crisp and the sweet tangy scent of fresh fruit is all around. If your family is anything like mine, you’ll find it easy to get […]

Coffee-Free Power Lattes for the Cold Seasons

So the weather’s just starting to cool off and, in my neighborhood anyway, the sniffles have already begun. The fall/winter seasonal transitions can bring on allergy issues, colds and pesky new bugs. Though I’m not a coffee drinker, I love the ritual of a hot am cuppa when the weather is chilly. And we have […]

Don’t Get Hooked: It’s All Just Dirty Dishes

I’ve been practicing a delicious form of relaxing meditation called yoga nidra for many years now. I deepened my experience of it with different trainings and retreats, and today it’s one of my favorite things to teach. I began the practice at a time when there was a lot of external turmoil in my life. […]

Everything Helps a Little, Nothing Helps a Lot

Recently I realized that I’ve had an awful lot of conversations looking into the brimming eyes of someone I care about while my own were brimming, too. I’m in the midst of one of those times when several people in my inner circle are struggling. Their challenges are varied, but all of them are dealing […]

The Two Biggest (Surprising!) Keys to Middle-Aged Fat Loss or How I Kicked my Worst-Ever Cravings to the Curb

I think the two primary keys to turning the lock that releases stubborn fat – especially in middle age – are being calm and grounded, and dietary fiber 🙂 SO not-sexy, I know! But damn, when you bring them front and center in your life they can be profoundly effective tools. Employed together, they will […]

Gluten-Free Liquor

I’ve had a lot of questions lately from clients about gluten in alcoholic drinks. Many common forms of alcohol are made from grains, and most of the grains used for alcohol production contain gluten. If you’re avoiding gluten in your diet, you will be completely safe with wine/beer/spirits that have been fermented and/or distilled from […]

Ten Simple Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Body

Are you getting over a cold? Dealing with unexplained headaches or mild nausea? Maybe you’re sick to death of everything you’ve been making for dinner for the last few months and can’t find much of an appetite for anything except junky or fatty foods… These could all be signs that your body’s digestion and elimination […]

Saying Goodbye to Sugar (or gluten, or potato chips or basically anything yummy you never want to stop eating)

At some point in your quest for improving your health or your weight it’s inevitable that you’ll need to make some dietary changes to meet your goal(s). The first step can be challenging: You need to identify the specific nutritional modifications that will get you the farthest the fastest. This is where coaching and programs […]

Confessions of a Social Media Flunky

Social media is funny. It lives totally in the “now”. And so does everyone on it. As you may have noticed, or maybe you didn’t, I went off-line for a few months. Ok, it was almost 6 months. Within a surprisingly short time it was like I ceased to exist. Which I guess in a […]